26 November, 2016

The Oso Perigroso

The Project


This is about a big pilgrim teddy bear of 1 meter tall called Santi wich is walking the “Camino Retorno”, that’s the Saint James Way (The French one) in opposite way, towards Barcelona.

The first objective of this project has been to rise smiles and happiness to everybody ho crossed by.

In only the first month the bear received more than 8000 smiles and uncountable magic moments. Since the increasing acceptance in social networks we put ourself a new objective: To make this smiles and happyness arrive far beyond the camino to the ones who need it most.


So it begun…

fotocontainerThe bear was found by Albert Aguiló sitting on a garbage bin between Santiago de Compostela and Fisterra. Without hesitation we put it over it’s shoulders and decided to start this special way.

Halfway in the opposite direction Albert found Rafel, a pilgrim who also went in the opposite direction and went to the same destination, Barcelona.

Rafel, impressed by the initiative, decided to join to it contributing with even more smiles and happyness. We also started offering coffes and ice tea along the way to anyone who wanted and that way make them surprise and brighten it’s day.

… and it continued.

andandoparavertesonreirThe second challenge was to arrive to Montserrat, Barcelon, on October 16th 2016. There, in Collbató, we were received for everyone who could with teddy bears, toys, school material and winter clothes. In that moment we maked the starting point for collecting material wich will continue since mid january. That way we will be able to send the Saint James Way essence, the smiles and happyness to refugees children who need it most. We are achieving that thanks to the help of other NGO’s and collaborators that are joining the project.

This adventure is not over, “Smiles on the Way” wasborn, our own NGO in wich we will work with many solidary projects.


Conclusions Oso Perigroso’s project

After 2500km and more than 17.000 counted smiles we still can’t believe the big adventure we lived. We never thought possible to finish the way each of us started by its own reasons this way, with 2 teddy bears in our heads! We have known thousand of magic people who believed in our smile project and helped us in everything they could to make it go forward.

Buen camino!!