Speech “Refugee, where do you go?”

We invite you all to the speech that we organize named “Refugiat, On vas?”(Refugee, where do you go?). We will analyze the asylum process and the real posiblities that they face when they reach our lands. It will be on Friday, 11th October at 7p, at Centre Cultural El Local in Sant Pere de Ribes. Read more about Speech “Refugee, where do you go?”[…]

First shipment 2018

Todat it departs the first shipment of 2018 and the biggest one in our history. It’s headed to Lighthouse Relief on Lesvos and we bring them coats, sweaters, long trousers, bagpacks, socks, underwear and shoes. Always forward! Thank you so much to everyone that has contributed in some way to make this shipment possible.

Tree of love – Volunteering in Lesvos

Being a volunteer means to dedicate your time, effort and resources for a cause expecting nothing in return. But the truth is that you receive a lot. You receive gratefulness, new friends, new experiences and it make you open your eyes to a new world. We share this emotional video made by a fellow volunteer Read more about Tree of love – Volunteering in Lesvos[…]