1000 dry feet

Today have arrived the 1000 pairs of shoes and socks we bought as a donation for refugees attended by Lighthouse Relief in Lesvos.

This month is been the most active in this year. So far we have received 19 boats at north of the island and about 800 people.

About 99% of arrivals, people is wet, at least up to the knees. In despite of being in summer the prolonged time with wet clothes make them get cold. This may get their situation get even worse than it already is. This is the reason why to each person who arrives one full set of dry clothes and shoes is given to them.

Credits: Lighthouse Relief

This means that, even if 1000 pairs of shoes looks like a lot, it will barely cover for the rest of summer.

We need your help to be able to continue helping into making their situation a bit more human. Althrough our main way of helping is still by second hand donations, is often not enough. Thats why if we have the enough funds we can buy the remaining items. If you want to help you will have the information on this link.

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