Help to lesvos just arrived

From the remote village Skala Sykamineas, in Lesvos (Greece), we are very happy to inform you that just arrived the two humanitarian aid pallets we sent about 20 days ago.

All this help we just received will be very useful to Lighthouse Relief, the ngo with which I find myself performing a volunteering from 2 weeks ago and with which I will be 1 more month.

Lighthouse Relief is in charge of surveillance tasks 24h of the northern coast of lesvos, to mobilize an emergency team to receive refugees as soon as they reach the coast and give them a worthy reception until they are Transported to not that worthy camp of Moria.

Just tonight have arrived 3 boats with a total of 88 people: 22 men, 17 women and 49 children. The amount of boats has diminished slightly respect to other years but remains a constant that does not have an end to short deadline.

For the part that concerns us, we will continue to give all our support, in person and in distance to make a little easier the reception of all these people who have not seen other exit than rinsk absolutely everything to cross towards Europe fruit of despair.

Thank you so much to all of you who have collaborated in this shipment of material and to support us continuously, you can’t imagine how necessary it is.

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